Yoga Class - (1-3 people) 60-90 minutes - $90

Yoga Class - (more than 3 people) 60-90 minutes - $90 plus $10 each additional person  

Yoga Hike - (1-6 people) 2-3 hours - $180


Private Yoga Sessions are held in beautiful outdoor locations or the privacy of your own home. The style of class can be customized for individual or group needs. The Yoga Hikes are intended for "all levels" hikers. More advanced hikes or backcountry overnight camping trips are also available. Private Meditation classes are also an option. 

Sometimes it's nice to have private instruction and attention. Whether you are an action sports athlete, a group looking for a bonding adventure, a first time yoga student, or recovering from an injury, I can offer one-on-one guidance and private group sessions that will suit your needs.